Typical sectors where it might be a good reason to consider Hybrix™ lightweight material are automotive, shipbuilding, aircraft and train industry.

Hybrix™ benefits for transportation industry applications:

  • 30-75% lower weight while still the bending stiffness is preserved for panels and beam structures
  • Lightweight solutions for fuel consumption and efficiency
  • High bending stiffness per weight unit
  • Proper formability properties
  • Good dent resistance
  • Sufficient in-plane heat distribution
  • Proper process-ability using standard processes and tools normally used for sheet metals.
  • Suitable for high volume production
  • Lower CO2 footprint
  • Cost competitive with other material with weight reduction solutions

Typical application areas:

  • Structural components
  • Packaging cases/containers/boxes
  • Aircraft interior components, e.g. trolleys
  • Panels and doors
  • Underbody components

Product examples:

Seat structures, Battery pack containers, Aircraft trolleys, Body panels, Car underbodies and Doors.