Construction & Building

Hybrix™ benefits for the building industry:

  • 30-75% lower weight while still, the bending stiffness is preserved
  • Many different thin sheet metals can be used as a face material
  • Improved design and sustainability
  • Significant weight reduction. Panel weight as low as 3 kg/m2
  • Improved NVH properties
  • Reduces condensation issues
  • Proven fire resistance
    • UL 94 standard for safety of flammability
  • High flexibility in production for low to high volume projects with specific material configurations
  • Highly cost-efficient installation due to low weight, smart design and less need for support structures

Typical application areas:

  • Façade panels/cassettes for interior/exterior applications
  • Self-supporting roof panel system
  • Industrial ceiling panels
  • Elevator interior/exterior walls
  • Cycle shelter