About Us

The offer:

The company develops, manufactures and markts light weight metal sandwich materials, Hybrix™, and components . The metallic material is produced using the unique and patented  micro-sandwich technology of Lamera AB.


Freedom of light weight design is accomplished when the question is no longer which design to choose to fit the material but rather how to create a material that fits the design vision. By offering unique tailor-made materials to suit every customer’s needs, Lamera can truly claim to offer freedom of design.


Lamera AB has set out to become the world leader in ultra-light metal composites.

Quality Policy:

"Our Customers shall come back, but not our Products"

Our business is established on customer focus and our offer must fulfill the customer’s Expectations, Needs, Specifications, Requirements. Our ambition is always to be better than competitive alternatives.

Customized manufacturing plant optimized for production of the Hybrix™ material

A well invested manufacturing plant, optimized for the production of the Hybrix™ material. Both the production plant and the production process is highly customized for the Hybrix™ product, which enables adaption of the material to customer specific requirements, preferences and design.